Maria Marcos Web Developer

Ventura Properties

Ventura Properties wanted a website that was easy to manage. By creating an API using PHP Lumen I was able to develop a web application using AngularJs that automatically displays featured properties and all properties available from their database.

Visit Ventura Properties website hereĀ 

Ventura Built To Rent

Ventura Design wanted a showcase their BTR Interiors subdivision within their own website. Using custom PHP and HTML I was able to create a static micro site within their WordPress Theme.

Visit Ventura BTR website hereĀ 

Swan Rathmines

The main objective for this project was to simplify their website and create a user friendly and cohesive site. WordPress is used as their CMS and a simple theme was implemented.

To see before and after for this project click on the gallery on the left.

Visit SWAN Shopping Center website here